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  3. Gregory is an NPC that sells donation items and other items in Donation Coin HEADGEARS Glory Fury Alpha Set Beta Set Gamma Set Delta Set Shining Crystal Wings Luminous Crystal Wings Enchanted Wings Glowing Wings Glory - MATK +5% - MDEF +2 Fury - ATK +5% - MDEF +2 Alpha Visor [ Refine 1 ] - Demi - Human : +1% Resist ----------------------------------------------------- - Demi Human : +5% Resist - MDEF +1 Alpha Claws - MATK +5% Alpha Scythe [ Refine 1 ] - After-Cast Delay : -1% - Demi - Human : +1% Resist ----------------------------------------------------- - After-Cast Delay : -10% - +30% Movement Speed - MDEF +1 Beta Piece [ Refine 1 ] - Demi - Human : +1% Resist ----------------------------------------------------- - Demi Human : +5% Resist - MDEF +1 Beta Ring - ATK +5% Beta Wings [ Refine 1 ] - Max HP : +5% ----------------------------------------------------- - +5 to All Stats - Max HP : +100% - +30% Movement Speed - MDEF +6 Gamma Helm [ Refine 1 ] - Demi - Human : +1% Resist ----------------------------------------------------- - Demi Human : +5% Resist - MDEF +1 Gamma Flare - ATK +3% - MATK +3% Gamma Sword [ Refine 1 ] - Seeking Attack : +1% ----------------------------------------------------- - +5 to All Stats - Seeking Attack : +5% - +30% Movement Speed - MDEF +1 Delta Helm [ Refine 1 ] - Demi - Human : +1% Resist ----------------------------------------------------- - Demi Human : +5% Resist - MDEF +1 Delta Aura - FLEE +5% - MDEF +2 Delta Shield [ Refine 1 ] - FLEE : +1% ----------------------------------------------------- - +5 to All Stats - FLEE +5% - +30% Movement Speed - MDEF +1 Luminous Crystal Wings [ Refine 1 ] - Max HP : +1% ----------------------------------------------------- - Ghost +10% Resist - Max HP : +50% - +30% Movement Speed MDEF +6 Shining Crystal Wings [ Refine 1 ] - Max HP : +1% ----------------------------------------------------- - Neutral +10% Resist - Max HP : +50% - +30% Movement Speed MDEF +6 Enchanted Wings [ Refine 1 ] - Max HP : +1% ----------------------------------------------------- - Holy +10% Resist - Max HP : +50% - +30% Movement Speed MDEF +6 Glowing Wings [ Refine 1 ] - RAW : +100% Chance to deal 100 damage on all types of monsters. ----------------------------------------------------- - Element : Holy - +30% Movement Speed MDEF +6
  4. Hi, Had finished briefing. Also, learned a passive, active, and talent rune from Oracle. But the Realm portal is still closed. Any idea why?
  5. Hello Xek , please see this link as guide https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&skid=79 Let me know f you have any question feel free to ask
  6. please see video. equipped 2 kiels and compared it with 3 kiels equipped. no difference in cooldown. is this a bug? having 3 kiels for my wiz works but not for HP Fran_HP_Kiel.mp4
  7. Mila

    Help Us Grow

    Welcome to ExperienceRO! Thank you for taking a chance on us and we hope that your Ragnarok Online gaming experience has been amazing so far. We just started... and the community though is small, but we are strong. I see many active interactions going on in-game and even on Discord, but we're not gonna stop at that! We would like to invite you to join the collective effort, in helping the server grow! There are two ways you can help us: 1. Write us a review on ratemyserver.net by clicking on the link below. Every review from all of you will rank ERO to a higher placing, hence getting more attention than being ranked below. Review on RMS: https://bit.ly/3bWqTRu 2. Support the Server by becoming a Patreon! The money that you channel to us will be used to pay hired talents and/or services, purchase new sprites, contents, etc. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ExperienceRO Thank you for supporting ExperienceRO!
  8. Mila


    Donation How to donate ? Here are some ways you can use to have your Donation(s) reach us confidently. 1- PATREON You can select a tier which fits you and subscribe to the server monthly. https://www.patreon.com/ExperienceRO 2- WISE aka TransferWıse Account Holder: Abelitie Designs SWIFT/BIC: CMFGUS33 Account No.: 8310992864 Address: TransferWise 19 W 24th Street New York NY 10010 United States 3-Western Unıon Direct Message owner for information... Frequently Asked Questıons 1-I have donated, but I haven't received the Donation Coins? Please allow a minimum 6 hours to process your transaction(s). There were some transactions that took 3-7 days to complete. We will only proceed once the transaction is received and/or confirmed, and this is done manually. 2-My child/ward used my Card and/or credentials and made the Donation which I didn't intend to. I want a refund. We could entertain a refund if: - You still have/have not used the Donation Coins. - Your Donation hasn't been used to pay for hired talent, etc. 3- Will I get extra benefit(s) for donating in bigger quantum? Yes, but within the design framework and mechanics of the Server, ExperienceRO.
  9. Mila


    Tutorials The ExperienceRO team is not accountable for any loss of items caused by a player's own actions Tutorials for in-game features and more... Use #map Main article: Map The #map channel is a chat channel that is public and map-wide. When using #map, the message will be shown to the entire map. To use the #map channel, type #map in the whisper name box on the left, and write your message on the right, like so:Abusing #map, or even spamming publicly, could result to jail, or ban (punishment varies). Chat Channels #map—Sends a map-wide message to all players present in that map. #main—Sends a server-wide message to all players who used the #main channel. Messages in this channel will only be shown to those who have sent messages in this channel during their character login duration. Channel topics: General, Chit-chat, Off-topic Use @market Main article: Market Heading text You can use the @market command to create a clone of your character that will display a market title and a market message. When players double-click on a market title, the market's message will be shown in the chat channel in the font color chosen by the player. Format: @market "Brief Market Title" "Market message can be longer and more detailed." colornumberhere Usage: @market "S>Bloody Branches" "1k BB for 500 plats" 14 Create a Guild If you're not in a guild, press Alt+G which will open up the Guild Companion window. From there, you can click on the 'help' button which will provide details on Guild Creation, Guild Information Window, and Registration and Emblems. Guild Creation[edit | edit source] The guild master must have an Emperium in his/her inventory. Emperium is dropped by Orc Zombie in @warp orcsdun01 Ways to create a guild: /guild guildnamehere Alt+G > Create Guild Alt+G: Guild Information called. Guild Information Window Guild, Experience, Guild Level, Guild Emblem, Master Name, Enemies, Points, Average Member Level, Alliance, Hostile Guilds can be found. Membership Information: Guild members to look for individual information and being able to withdraw from one's guild. Guild must remove all members of the guild if the guild master wishes to disband the guild. @changegm isn't applied ExperienceRO to support active guild masters. Set Position: Taxing members up to 50% Guild Skill: When a guild levels up, the guild master can use points to advance guild skills by investing in them once they are available. Outcast: Guild exile list. Also includes reason of banishment. Guild Master Announcements: Members can be notified. Emblems Emblem format: 24x24 pixel of 256-color bitmap (BMP). Install emblems in the "Emblem" folder in your ExperienceRO folder. Information Window Emblem: Alt+G > Click "Edit" to change guild emblem. Emblems can only be changed by the guild master anytime. Create a Party Have Basic Skill [Lv:6] /organize "PartyNameHere" Party names cannot contain spaces or special characters. Invite Players /invite Player Name Right-click on the player and Ask (Player Name) to join your party Alt+Z > Make sure lock function is unlocked > 'Party Invitation' > Type in the player's name (must be online) Change Party Leader This must be done by the party leader: Open party window (Alt+Z) Right-click on the player who you want to make the leader, then choose 'party represent delegation' from the menu. Leave Party Type /leave Record a Video Main article: Replay The Replay system is a function built into the Ragnarok client which allows game data to be saved as a replayable "movie" the user can then view within a Replay version of the game client. In the replay "video", zoom function works, as well as camera angle adjustment, hovering over character names, monster names, item names, and more. Delete Your Character Main article: Delete Your Character DISCLAIMER: Make sure to store all your items before deleting your character. You are responsible for your own actions. The GM team cannot and will not recover deleted characters, and will not compensate any losses due to users' own actions. Login to your character. If you've ever used a cart, empty it (Alt+W). /leave Alt+G > Guildsmen Info > Right-click your character > Leave Guild Escape key > Character Select Select your character. Click the 'Delete' button on the bottom-left. There will be a timer in red text above your character. Wait for 10 minutes. The timer indicates when you will be able to confirm the deletion. Clicking 'Cancel' will put a stop to the deletion and the timer. After the 10 minutes are over, the timer should turn blue. Click on the 'del' button on the bottom-left. You will be asked "Are you sure that you want to delete your character?" If you're sure, click 'OK'. You will be prompted to "enter the deletion password". This is usually the email that you used to register your account. If you get an error, try this: https://www.experience-ro.com > Enter your account details > Login > My Account Copy the email address directly from the page and paste it to Notepad. Make sure it's correct without any extra spaces or missing characters. Copy it from Notepad and paste it to the answer box on the ExperienceRO client then click 'OK'. If you still get an error: Try your birthday instead (format: YYMMDD). If you're born May 27th 1993, for example, your password should be 930527. This works for some players instead of the registered email for some reason. Change Character Slot Log in to http://www.experience-ro.com Click "My Account" Click the character you'd like to move On the top menu, click "Change Slot" Enter the desired slot number then click "Change Slot" Get Married Main article: [./Https://experience-ro.fandom.com/wiki/Marriage Marriage] Get Divorced Main article: Divorce Log in to http://www.experience-ro.com Click "My Account" Click the character you'd like to move On the top menu, click "Divorce" If you're sure, proceed with it. Change Your Gender Main article: Change Your Gender In ExperienceRO, you can change your gender unlimited times at no cost. However, you cannot change gender if you have the follow character jobs: Bard, Dancer, Clown, Gypsy, Baby Bard, Baby Dancer. (It's okay if it's just a suit, as long as it's not the actual job) You must be logged off before proceeding: Go to http://www.experience-ro.com/ Enter your login details and login. Click "My Account" Select "Change Gender" from the menu. Click "Yes, do it please."
  10. Walk down to the bottom of town to find Cupid Sam who will cry to you and offer you a quest where he will select one Valentine headgear to give you in exchange for farming a bunch of material. For the submit you must have the following materials for each quest. 1x Flame Heart (992) - (Drops from Gig , can be found in mag_dun02) 100x Heart of Mermaid (950) - (Drops from Obeaune , can be found in iz_dun02) 300x Stone Heart (953) - (Best drop is from Golem , can be found in moc_fild11 aka Sograt Desert.) or 300x Glacial Heart (7561) - (Can be found in every ice dungeon monsters my recommendation is siroma in ice_dun01) or 300x Immortal Heart (929) - (Drops from Verit , can be found in moc_pryd05) Once you have all the material ready, you can do either of the following: A) "I have broken hearts" - You will submit the items normally and get one headgear B) "Surrender my hearts!" - You will submit double of each material so that you get one headgear and choose for a special someone to also receive that headgear. A benefit of doing this is that your headgear and your special someone's headgear will both have higher chances of getting enchanted Valentine's Item List Chocolate Topper Location: Upper Demi-Human +3% physical and magical damage MDEF +5 DEF +1 [ Refine 1 ] Demi-Human +1% physical and magical damage Chocolate Truffle Location: Lower Max HP +150% +30% Movement Speed MDEF +5 DEF +1 [ Refine 1 ] Max HP 1% Half Heart Location: Lower Fire +10% Resist Max HP +50% +30% Movement Speed MDEF +5 DEF +1 [ Refine 1 ] Max HP +1% Heart Ribbon Location: Lower Fire: +5% Resist Max HP: +100% +30% Movement Speed MDEF: +5 [ Refine 1 ] Max HP +1% Rose Diadem Class: Headgear Demi-Human: +10% Resist MDEF +1 DEF +1 Rose Hairpin Location: Upper After-cast delay: -10% MDEF +5 DEF +1 Valentine Scarf Location: Lower Freeze: +50% Resist +30% Movement Speed MDEF +3 DEF +3 Valentine Ornament Location: Upper Curse: +50% Resist MDEF: +3 DEF +3 Heart Key Location: Lower Stun: +50% Resist Max HP: +50% +30% Movement Speed MDEF +1 DEF +5 [ Refine 1 ] Max HP: +1%
  11. Rigster


    ill still be always in your dms
  12. Shin


    we are waiting for you to comeback again. Please take care
  13. Mango


    come back whenever u feel likw it ok were always here waiting for u
  14. Riley


    Dear Tribe, It’s been a most wonderful four years being part of this community where we all shared our ups and down, laughter, and memories. I will never forget those of you who have been on this journey with me, and helped the server grow into what it is today. It fills me with sadness to announce that I must resign from the server to due personal issues, mostly because of the lack of time I have available, juggling both my day job and community management on ExperienceRO. I wish I could meet everyone who joins the community in the future and becomes part of the family. I’m sure we would have had an amazing time together! Wishing you only the best, Riley
  15. Hi GMs, not sure what happened but when I leveled up from 110 -> 111, the exp suddenly jumps to 99.9%. Then any monster I kill even if its a MVP, it gives absolutely 0.00%. Though job still gives correct exp. already tried to run ExperienceRO - Reborn Patcher.exe but still gave me nothing. been stuck since yesterday please advise.
  16. Grey Dragon Arcane Helm - Unique - currently displays 2 rows of MATK + 5%. Think it should be ATK + 5% and MATK + 5%? Purple Divine Grace - Unique - it has Max HP buff but it says + 510%. maybe a typo? thanks in advance!
  17. Rigster

    Race to 99

    reached 99 on trans do i get something ?
  18. Hola! excited to play after such a long wait
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