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  1. Hi, Had finished briefing. Also, learned a passive, active, and talent rune from Oracle. But the Realm portal is still closed. Any idea why?
  2. please see video. equipped 2 kiels and compared it with 3 kiels equipped. no difference in cooldown. is this a bug? having 3 kiels for my wiz works but not for HP Fran_HP_Kiel.mp4
  3. Hi GMs, not sure what happened but when I leveled up from 110 -> 111, the exp suddenly jumps to 99.9%. Then any monster I kill even if its a MVP, it gives absolutely 0.00%. Though job still gives correct exp. already tried to run ExperienceRO - Reborn Patcher.exe but still gave me nothing. been stuck since yesterday please advise.
  4. Grey Dragon Arcane Helm - Unique - currently displays 2 rows of MATK + 5%. Think it should be ATK + 5% and MATK + 5%? Purple Divine Grace - Unique - it has Max HP buff but it says + 510%. maybe a typo? thanks in advance!
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