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Rules & Regulations

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Hello, gorgeous đź’• Just wanted to share this with you so that we are on the same page. Please follow our rules and regulations:

  • Do not disrespect anybody on the server, including players, Helpers, and GMs.
  • Helpers and GMs are not obligated to give out any items or assist with MVPs at any time.
  • No macros or third-party software are allowed.
  • No AFK farming is allowed at all or via means of macros, bots, auto-cast builds, reflect builds, homunculus, etc.
  • GRF modification is not allowed.
  • Boosting is not allowed (farm-killing your own or your friends' accounts repeatedly for gain).
  • You are not allowed to dual client in events, The Duelist, Kage, or other PvP environments.
  • MvPs are free for all.
  • Evidence is required when reporting.
  • Do not abuse/spam #map.
  • Vending and marketing outside of normal allowed alignment/areas are not allowed. No more than 10 vendors per player. Do not overprice items. Do not invite vendors to dungeon parties.
  • Do not use @market outside of the main town. Keep your @market respectful, and do not engage in false advertising.
  • Trading of accounts and items for goods/real currency is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not impersonate another player or GM.
  • Do not defame the server nor advertise another server. If you are not enjoying your time here, we hope you find another server that suits you better.
  • We do not compensate losses due to users' own faults/actions.

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